Real medicine means being present…

I found this article in Prevention magazine and thought it was an interesting perspective that we strive to apply in our office and OR daily.  Thought I would pass it along because this is a great thing to be aware of when you are searching for your laser vision correction surgeon and his staff to have your LASIK or PRK procedure performed.  Read the quote below:

“If a doctor learns to practice mindfulness, if he or she learns to do a walking meditation as they are walking into the exam room – gathering themselves, truly present in that moment; walking in peacefully, calmly – he or she is already practicing medicine.”  By doing this the patient already feels that attention, that tenderness, that care and the calmness from the doctor and the patient feeds off of that energy.  Before you even start discussing the procedure the patient is already soothed”.

This quote was not from an eye surgeon however, I have witnessed firsthand in the OR how a person can let their fear or anxiety really work themselves up so much so that a simple procedure becomes more difficult than it needs to be for the patient.  Dr. Holzman has a very good “read” on patients and their anxiety level.  He usually can walk into the exam room and meet a patient and he knows.  He knows that you are working yourself up.  He knows that you are scared and struggling to release control during your LASIK or PRK procedure. It is hard to give up control and trust…especially when it comes to your eyes.  This is a life changing procedure.  I think this quote is helpful to me as a surgical technician and to our team, but I also think it applies quite nicely to you, the patient.  Be mindful.  Trust your own judgement once you have done your research and made your decision.  Have a self talk before you go into the surgical suite – just trust and say to yourself BREATH, RELAX your face and be calm.  When you do trust and you are calm it is a much easier procedure for you.  You too can do a “walking meditation” as you are going into the surgical suite that this procedure is going to give you vision and a better quality of life without relying on glasses or contact lenses.

So the mantra is…Namaste!!!!

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