Today was a great day of LASIK laser eye surgery for Dr Holzman and his fantastic team over at TLC Laser Eye centers in McLean, VA. We were very busy again today as this is prime LASIK season in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland suburbs. Flex spending benefits that companies in this area provide their employees allow many interested myopes and farsighted people to get their Laser Eye Surgery as a pre-tax benefit, saving some people up to 40% off the cost. Due to this, we operate more in January, February and March than other months of the year. Most all our days are surgery days! SO, when we have BIG SNOWSTORMS it affects a LOT of people! we have been very lucky this year despite having had more snow than they do at the Winter Olympics…. All our bigger storms have been on Saturdays ( a day of rest for this lasik surgeon typically)— But uh oh, 24 inches of snow coming here tomorrow! I just shoveled the last 6 off my driveway yesterday… people in Reston, Fairfax, arlington, alexandria and springfield are busy buying salt and bigger shovels. folks in Bethesda, rockville, silver spring and gaithersburg are looking to purchase a snowblower! people in washington DC (our pres excluded) are buying bread and batteries! but at Holzman Laser Vision in McLean, va, we are working on fixing your eyesight! Dr Holzman and his incredible staff performed LASIK Laser eye surgery on 16 currently very happy people. The procedures looked flawless, the music was good and there were a lot of smiles. a policeman, FBI agent, airport engineer, HR personnel chief, football coach, a few lawyers of course, several students and mother of 3 are amongst this group sitting in wonder in their warm Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC homes tonight, very happy to be rid of glasses and contact lenses. Freedom from needing glasses is a fantastic thing and I have the most incredible job being able to give people this freedom in just 10 – 15 minutes. i think almost everyone today told me that it was SO MUCH EASIER than they thought it would be. it is very amazing this LASIK laser eye surgery— so, tomorrow is another fantastic day of vision correction at Holzman Laser Vision and TLC Tysons Corner.. but, WE HAVE A BLIZZARD COMING– they are saying to hunker down, but not us!! not rain nor sleet nor hail will stop us from fixing your vision!! Well, sort of- we have to reschedule tomorrow pm patients since storm coming by noon ( i thought about being a meteorologist but mom wanted a doctor in the family). Sorry to you folks we had to reschedule but it is for your safety. the roads will not be safe to be driving on. My staff, Lyzzy, Maria, Jen, Pam, Eleni, Lee and Dr Burr worked out the schedule and we will be doing our thing in the am but not after 1 pm tomorrow. My staff lives all over the region, Ashburn, Sterling, Falls Church, Potomac, Washington DC, Alexandria and Arlington– They need to get home tomorrow also. LASIK laser eye surgery is fast, easy and painless and most people are able to drive the next day– you need to see the doctor the day after surgery, so we will be open on Saturday for post op visits and will be calling all of the patients to make sure they can be seen. if someone cannot make saturday visit and knows they will not venture out, we will reschedule you. No worry, we will fix your vision as good as new early next week and fit you into schedule. Heard the phrase “best money I ever spent” twice today– We know it, we hope you come and find out …. Stay warm and safe this weekend if you are staying in town. did you you stock up on chips and salsa yet? nothing worse than a super bowl without adequate provisions. hope you make it to your super bowl parties! To those folks I operated on today– CONGRATULATIONS!

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