Hi Everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that our doctors and staff are dedicated to being there for our patients.  During this dicey weather, we forge through the snow to make it to the center for your surgeries and venture back out for your post op visits over the weekend.

On December 19th we received records amounts of snow the day after our Friday surgeries.  Just so you guys know, Dr. Holzman called me personally to make sure I could make it in to see our 1 day post-op patients.  I assured him I was even more dependable than our United States Postal Service.  I parked my car out on the main street (which I hoped would be plowed) and walked through my neighborhood to get to it in the morning.

Yes, he cares that much (and I was happy that he asked about me when I got home safely)!

For those patients that were trapped by the snow, Dr Holzman called them personally to triage them that night and I followed up with them the next morning if they were able to get out from under the snow.

That just goes to show you that we really do take care of you… and Dr Holzman will call you himself to check up on you!

We have an action plan in place for just about every circumstance.  We hope you guys are safe and prepared for this weekend’s snow and we’ll “see” you soon.

Tina Burr, OD

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