Our Tyson’s Corner Clinical Director, Dr. Jen Weigel, OD makes it her priority to stay on the pulse of technology (pun intented) and vision correction.  She recently posted on her blog about topography guided laser vision correction.  As always, we like to pass along any information that will help educate patients so that you can make an informed decision about what technology is best for you.  Read below to learn more about topography-guided laser vision correction:

“Topography-guided laser vision correction has finally been approved in the USA!  Just like with corneal cross-linking, topography-guided custom ablation treatment (T-CAT) has been approved everywhere else in the world for a while yet.  But, it’s finally here … almost.

The FDA granted the approval for the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q (the 400 series) in conjunction with its Topolyzer to analyze the corneal surface.  While I haven’t personally seen this Topolyzer or used it before, I’d imagine it’s like how we use the Wavescan to capture wavefront information and plug that into the VISX to create a wavefront treatment.

I think that the majority of patients do not specifically need topo-guided treatments.  Usually cases where Dr. Holzman felt like a topo-guided treatment was best often involved enhancement of a patient that, say, had a slightly decentered ablation.  Perhaps a denser scar that affected topography.  For a great background article on topo-guided treatments, I learned a lot from this article in Review of Ophthalmology.  – jw”

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