What is the point of having a laser vision correction consultation instead of just getting the dilated eye exam on the first visit?

You have a condition that affects your eye sight daily that you want to solve so where do you start?  You start by doing your research and then listening to the expert who does the LASIK or PRK procedure on a regular basis, day after day.  When searching for a doctor you want someone who does 30 to 60 refractive surgery procedures a week verses a doctor that only does 2 to 6 LASIK or PRK patients a week.  There are many surgeons in the DC metro area who do general ophthalmology such as cataract procedure and retinal procedures etc, and then they perform LASIK or PRK on 2 to 5 patients a week.  While the LASIK and PRK procedures are simple and extremely successful refractive procedures…they are only simple and effective in the hands a very skilled surgeon who specializes in the field laser vision correction.

The consultation is important because that is where you meet the team of people who you are entrusting your eye sight to.  The consultation appointment is also important because we do extensive testing to determine if you are an excellent candidate for laser vision correction.  We use the consultation visit to determine what type of procedure and technology is best suited to give you your best corrected vision post procedure.  The consultation appointment also allows you to ask us any questions that you have regarding your expectations, what your care will be throughout you pre and post operative process.  We want you to be as educated as possible and we want to gather as much clinical information as we can at the time of consult so that we can give you a true picture of your candidacy, cost of the procedure and address all of your concerns before you move forward to keeping your contact lenses out for 2 weeks before having a dilated eye exam.

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