when Is It Ok to Rub Eyes After Having Lasik TLC Tyson's- LASIK

Just like any party of the body, your corneas heal after surgery. Most problems from eye rubbing occur in the first few hours after surgery.  By twenty-four hours post op, the surface of the eye is generally healed. Normal or preferable gently eye rubbing is generally safe a week after LASIK.  

It is our goal that you break the habit of eye rubbing!  Eye rubbing is bad for your eyes period.  It is a hard habit to break but we encourage our patients to work on this little bad habit so that you do not accidentally rub your eyes post LASIK and have to come back in and have Dr. Holzman reposition the flap.  Once Dr. Holzman repositions the flap, off you go again to rest and follow our instructions so that you will achieve your best visual outcome.  If ever you are concerned, call us.  We are the experts and do not expect you to know what is going on with your healing process!  We are all here for you!


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