Dr. Holzman and his TLC team would like to take a moment to thank all the soldiers who have served and continue to serve in our United States Military.  Memorial Day is a day of family celebrations, time at the beach together, cookouts with friends.  A kick off if you will, to summer.  Memorial Day is so much more than this.

Memorial Day as my eight year old son reminded me is most importantly a day to celebrate the freedom to choose.  We must not overlook or forget the price paid by so many who gave up their futures for people that they did not know, for us now, and for generations still unborn.  We live in the United States of America and our pride in our country and our belief in it’s values and it’s diversity is what make this United States great.

My son has been humming and singing the song “God Bless the USA” because his teacher has his class sending a care package to a soldier over in Afghanistan.  My son has a good grasp at the early age of eight years old of how his freedom to be an American has been paid with a very high price by many.  He has four great grandfather’s who served active duty in World War 2 and The Vietnam war.  My son has classmates who have cousins and brothers serving in Afghanistan.

I just finished talking with my son tonight before his bedtime.  We chatted about how lucky we are that we live in America.  For an eight year old boy to say mommy we are lucky because people we do not even know are willing to fight and die for my freedom and for my protection, makes me proud to be my son’s mother and so proud to be an American.

So, Hat’s off to all of our United States armed forces, Thank you for your service and for your willingness to die for all of our freedom, for my eight year old son’s freedom and protection.  Know that on this Memorial Day you are appreciated, thought of and never forgotten.  Thank you for fighting to protect our country.  You touch lives without always getting the recognition and reward that you deserve.  Know that today, an eight year old little boy wanted our family to never forget you, the men and the women who are fighting for our freedom.  He reminded me to be thankful and to pray every time I see our flag waving in the air for those who put themselves in harms way often to protect us.  Happy Memorial Day.  To honor you, we offer a 10% Military Discount to all of our Military as a small way to say we appreciate you and all that you do for our freedom.

From Dr. Holzman and his entire staff – Happy Memorial Day!