A Patient’s perspective…

Hi Dr. Holzman!

Thank you so much for checking in with me!  The road to recovery has been rocky to say the least.

Today I felt like a changed man.  Most of the pain has subsided and I can guestimate that I’m seeing around 20/40 or maybe even 20/30 provided I keep my eyes moist.  Of course, I know this could fluctuate week by week so I’m not getting too attached, but it’s uplifting to finally have persevered through the pain of the recovery and enjoy a preview of the beautiful vision that is to come in my near future.  Going from “not being able to see the E” to this seems like a miracle.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but I am so grateful for you, Dr. Weigel, and the rest of the team at TLC Tyson’s Corner for taking such good care of me prepping me for surgery, answering all my questions, and finally giving me this blessing of what will soon be perfect vision.  I know I was a difficult patient to deal with … I’m one of the biggest worry-warts you’ll find, I had pre-existing corneal scarring, and I ask a TON of questions.  I considered several surgeons for my surgery   But in the end, this worry-wart chose you at TLC because you and Dr. Weigel put me at ease and gained my trust like no other LASER vision center had.  You thoroughly prepped me for surgery without taking any money up front (unlike other offices which want a deposit the 2nd time you walk in the door).  In addition, Dr. Weigel spent SOOO much time knowledgeably and happily answering all my questions, effectively acing my “test” with flying colors, whereas other surgical centers fell short by making me feel rushed and furthermore not being able to provide proper answers or providing what seemed like sketchy estimates.

I have already happily referred a couple friends and coworkers who were impressed with my results, and I believe you will be seeing them for consultations in the near future.  I will continue to rave to others about the first class experience I had with my PRK surgery at TLC.  What a journey it has been so far!  Once my vision stabilizes to 20/20, I will be more than happy to put my words of praise up on Yelp, Google+, or even Angie’s List.  Angie’s List reviews are good to have for the worry-wart patients like me who will actually get a subscription just to background check various surgeons lol.  It’s nice to check since the people being reviewed on there supposedly can’t pay for advertising or to have their reviews “conditioned”.

I will keep you posted on my progress, and again, I really appreciate  you checking up on me.  Until then, I am going to go thoroughly enjoy my glasses-free salsa lessons I’m starting this Saturday!  (sorry to write you a novel on you by the way! I’m a big talker when it comes to things I’m passionate about.)

Best wishes,

Brian Gross

***Brian – Thanks for letting us share your experience with other patients.  We are glad you are passionate about your PRK procedure!  Talk away!  We are passionate about changing people’s vision to ehnance their quality of life.  We are in a happy medical field where we get to meet people like you who trust our team with their eyes.  We do not take your trust lightly.  This procedure is a life changer for sure!