Going on in TLC Tyson’s this week, IFS Intralase is here!

TLC Tyson’s Corner is having a busy week this week.  The Intralase IFS laser is here!  What does that mean for you?  Dr. Holzman has been doing blade-less LASIK since the Intralase laser became the best option for the creation of the corneal flap.  Before Intralase there was an instrument called a Hansatome which is a device that uses a blade to create the corneal flap.  The Intralase is a safer, more precise way to create the corneal flaps. This latest upgrade for Intralase IFS gives Dr. Holzman even more unparalleled control and customization.  Here is what makes the IFS so great for you:

There is a Faster Flap Creation (Can be less than 10 seconds versus 19+ seconds for our previous Intralase to make the flap)

Elliptical Flap Option (this maximizes exposure)

Inverted Bevel-In Sidecut (this allows improved biomechanical stability)

Tighter Spot Separation (smoother stromal beds, easier flap lifts)

Lower Energy Per Pulse (may reduce inflammation)

In “patient” terms, the IFS technology provides Dr. Holzman with greater flexibility in his corneal refractive surgical planning.  With a combination of speed, customizable ablation shapes and angles, and the reliability of programmable depths, the Intralase IFS laser offers unprecedented options when performing your individual flap customization.

The Tyson’s team is excited for our patients.  Dr. Holzman has always stayed on top of the laser technology and he stresses to his team the importance of teaching our patients how this technology applies to them.  Feel free to call us at 703-552-5221 and chat about the Intralase IFS laser!

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