Innovative Laser Vision Correction and Diagnostic Technologies


surgery-photo.jpg Dr. Holzman and TLC use the latest advancements in diagnostic and laser vision correction technology to help us fulfill our commitment to providing our patients personalized quality care. Our innovative technologies detect unique imperfections and irregularities that affect your vision and provide a detailed three-dimensional view of your eye. This allows us to accurately diagnose and treat your refractive error to dramatically improve your vision, improve the safety and efficacy of the procedure, and reduce the risk of potential complications. With each new technology we adopt, we are able to extend the option of vision correction to a wider range of patients, including those who have been turned away in the past due to corneal damage or another corneal condition.

Dr. Holzman utilizes the following state-of-the-art technologies:


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Dr. Holzman and his entire team are dedicated to improving the safety and vision correction results of our patients through the use of the latest technologies in the field. Contact us to learn more about laser refractive surgery or to schedule an appointment.