Just had my one year LASIK follow up yesterday, 20/20 vision, and figured it was finally time to leave a review.
If only I had known that I would only be out of contacts for 2 weeks, and not the week for each year of contact wear (like four months!) my primary optometrist told me I would need, I would have done it years sooner!
I’ll leave the details to other people since it’s been a year… but, everything & everyone was professional and thorough. Like everyone else, the actual procedure – while a bit strange – had no pain, was super quick, and I could see when I stood up. Thanks Dr Holzman!
Had 20/20 vision at day one eye doctor appointment.Followed all follow up instructions and regular eye appointments – all good to go! A couple surprises over the year: do not get caught without your drops, especially a couple months into it, especially if your job has you in front of a computer all day or if you have allergies. Surprised how I’m suddenly a crier when cutting onions, or drinking red wine. And need to be careful in windy situations, but no excessively dry eye situations.
Recommend at least going for the consult to everyone. Financed it with no interest, for up to 24 months. If you’re seriously considering it, I had a great experience and result!