Dr. Holtzman did a really good job with my surgery. He was very specific in his requests in the operating room and seems very confident in his work. My vision with both eyes is 2015, and as many people say it’s some of the best money I’ve ever spent. The only long term issue I have is some dryness in my eyes. If I had to pick between wearing glasses and occasional dry eye, I choose not wearing glasses. The surgery itself is more discomfort than any kid of pain. They give you a Xanax for surgery and suggest a drink later to make sure you sleep after surgery or you could experience pain. After the nap, as long as you keep up with your drops, there shouldn’t be an issue.

The surgery at TLC is more expensive than other places, but they do have the latest lasik machine. The EX500 with Contura if you need it. Other popular lasik providers in the area don’t always have that. When it came to my eyes, I was less concerned about saving money. I paid extra for a good doctor and the overall experience. They gave good guidance in eye care before and after surgery, and I know friends who paid less at other providers and didn’t get that. Their office and staff are all really nice as well, no issues.

The only downside is to maintain their vision correction “warranty” you have to provide proof you get your eyes checked yearly. Not terrible, but the point of this surgery is to not have to goto an eye dr anymore. I could possibly skip that, but if I need a correction again in 15/20 years it would be free.

Overall, I do recommend TLC Rockville with Dr. Holtzman. Thank you TLC!