PRK surgery here. I’m very happy with having gone here. I was referred by another PRK patient and was reassured of my choice after the consultations and Pre-Op visits.
As for the surgery itself, it was quick and painless. Less than 10 minutes? think they worked on my eyes for like 5 minutes or less. Wiped my eye with something and looked at a dot. Not sure if it can get any simpler than that.
I had no serious discomfort (The internet made it sound like some horrible experience) following the surgery until about 5 days later when I accidentally poked my eye, but (the doctor) was fantastic with all the follows ups to ensure everything healed up. Everything healed up just fine and no more contacts or glasses for me. Yippie!

Pro Tip: Don’t poke your eye! but seriously it was a great experience, just follow all the pre op directions given to you in the packet and on the schedule for post op. It’s all written out.

It’s only been 5 weeks, but the night vision is still a little off with the halo/glare around bright lights, but nothing tragic and it keeps getting better. Even if it wasn’t getting better, the trade off to not wearing contacts is still worth getting the surgery.

Very happy with my choice of TLC.