Got my Lasik procedure done 5 days ago and my eyes feel perfect. Dr. Holzman is incredible. I was really anxious going into my procedure, and right before I went into the laser room I met Dr. Holzman. He could tell I was noticeably stressed but he told me that it was going to be fast and easy, to breathe, and to trust him. That I did – and he was right! This was the easiest procedure ever, I felt no pain, wasn’t uncomfortable, nothing. He explained to me what was going on the entire time so I felt much more comfortable. Within what felt like just a few minutes I was done, and I could see the right when I sat up! Dr. Holzman even reached out the night of the procedure to check up on me and that was greatly appreciated. This guy is the real deal. Would recommend him to anyone who wants a stress free experience.