I am absolutely in shock by the amazing results I received from Dr. Holzman & his TLC staff. From the moment I went in for my consult to the actual surgery I can’t say enough great things. I have considered lasik for a long time but never had the courage to actually take the plunge. After going for my consult I scheduled my surgery for the first available date because I felt so comfortable with the thorough exam that was given at the initial consult. I feel like they are so thorough that it removes the fear and anxiety that something will go wrong. Dr. S who does the pre-op/consult stuff is great and makes you feel relaxed. Kristina is my favorite she makes the scheduling etc a breeze.
The surgery itself I didn’t even have time to feel nervous because everyone makes you feel so confident and comfortable. And then you meet Dr Holzman and you realize why so many people have trusted him. He gives you a little pep talk and is very forthcoming with what to expect. They have a great zen room where you sit and wait for your surgery and I just can’t say enough positive stuff. The moment you are taken into the surgery room they are all so gentle and kind that it doesn’t feel clinical at all. To be honest I feel like the procedure was comparable to a spa experience. If you follow all of their steps for the post care (taking a nap right away and using the drops diligently) you will be so happy you picked this practice. When I woke up from my nap and opened my eyes I wanted to cry because I could see!! And so clearly at that. I also woke up to a text from Dr Holzman himself to make sure I was feeling okay. I mean who does that?! And there were quite a few people waiting in the waiting room for their surgery so he is definitely not just sitting around with free time. I can see why he is so trusted. I am now four days post op and have never been happier about a decision. At my appointment this morning I was seeing better than 20/20. Worth every penny and Dr Holzman I am forever grateful for your amazing skill and this experience. I am 33 and have worn glasses/contacts since I was about 13. This is such a liberating thing to have the gift of sight once again.

I will update again in a few months but I can only imagine I will be even happier.