Recovering Following Laser Corneal Reshaping

Hugging couple watching sunset in front of beachThe post-operative recovery period is an incredibly important stage in any surgical procedure. LASIK, or the permanent reshaping of the cornea using a special laser, is no exception. Dr. Andrew Holzman provides his patients with explicit instructions for LASIK recovery following treatment at our offices serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. The recovery time after LASIK surgery is relatively short, but it is important to take certain measures during this time to ensure that you recover properly and can enjoy the full benefits of treatment. 

After the Procedure

After LASIK, your eyes will be examined with a slit lamp microscope. This special tool focuses a thin sheet of high-intensity light into the eye, providing a stereoscopic view of the cornea. This allows Dr. Holzman to examine the epithelium, or the outer layer of the cornea, to make certain that the flap is in proper position to heal.

It is very important to have a friend or family member transport you to your LASIK appointment, and to have that person drive you home afterward. Your vision will likely be blurry for a few hours after surgery. Vision typically becomes much clearer after a full night's sleep. In fact, most patients awaken after a nap, on the day of their procedure, to discover their vision is already improved. You will return to our office or your referring doctors office, the next day for a follow-up examination.

Following surgery, you should plan to go home, take a two to three hour nap, and spend the rest of the day relaxing. You may also experience a gritty sensation and sensitivity to light few days following your LASIK surgery. Most people are able to resume normal activities as soon as the day after the procedure. Exercises such as aerobics, yoga, and jogging may be resumed as well. However, if enjoy playing contact sports, it is advised that you wait a month before participating again, or you will need to use safety glasses. You should also avoid swimming, and relaxing in saunas or hot tubs, and other activities that might put your eye in contact with contaminated water.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

It is important that you do not use eye makeup or creams for one week. During this time, it is imperative that nothing disrupts the healing of the corneal flap, so you must avoid rubbing your eyes for three or four weeks. A properly healed corneal flap is incredibly important to the success of LASIK surgery. You should take extra care in remaining cognizant of your condition, and abstain from rubbing your eyes during this time. Rubbing the eyes can also increase the likelihood of side effects, like subconjunctival hemorrhage, which appears as a red spot on the white of the eye.

Learn More about LASIK Recovery

By undergoing LASIK surgery performed by Dr. Andrew Holzman, and by following his instructions for proper recovery, you can experience the incredible benefits of improved vision. During your consultation, Dr. Holzman will explain the procedure, benefits, possible side effects, and what you can expect during recovery. Contact us today to learn more.

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