A Rockville Patient’s Experience

Every few weeks I like to try and blog about a patient’s experience for other people who may be considering LASIK or PRK. I think it helps you in your research to hear from our patients. You come to your consultation with us and we give you a lot of information. We do this because we want you to make an educated decision if laser vision correction is for you. Below is a patient testimonial from our Rockville Maryland TLC center about Dr. Holzman and his team:

Hi Todd,

Thanks for the email and for the photo. I can’t believe that was taken just a minute after the surgery, haha. Thank you SO much for everything. I am extremely happy with the customer service I’ve received from TLC, especially Dr. Holzman himself, calling after my surgery and an email a week after. I have never heard of a doctor doing that! I also want to recognize Tony, who was really helpful in getting my financing set up, and he was also a huge help in getting my Restasis RX filled on a tight deadline, which needed prior authorization through my insurance company. I was extremely nervous going into the surgery, but could not be happier that I went through with my decision to finally get LASIK. I posted reviews on Facebook & Yelp, and am happy to write something else up, or add that to any other site that you’d like. Please feel free to use me as a reference, if you get anyone that asks.

I just had my one week post-op with Dr. Vaziri at Shady Grove Eye Care and I am 20/20 in both eyes and couldn’t be happier. Thank you again to everyone at TLC for the awesome experience. You guys are awesome!

A. Wasser

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