A patient’s testimonial is one of the best ways for another potential patient to understand how much laser vision correction can change a life.  Some patient’s want to have the procedure to not have to grab their glasses off the nightstand in the middle of the night.  Some patient’s have the procedure because their eyes can no longer tolerate wearing contact lenses.  Many patients do not think about having laser vision correction as a life saving procedure!  Read this patient’s story below…

“Thanks so much for the care and attention you and your staff provided me.  Things seem to be going well.  I missed one letter on the 20/15 chart during my follow up with Dr. Crawford on Tuesday.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  My vision is as good or better than it was with glasses.  I’m actually noticing a lot more things around me than I would have with glasses because my vision is clear from all peripherals instead of just being clear through the eyeglass window.

An interesting story from last weekend:  My family and I were having dinner at a friend’s house.  With my new “super vision” as they called it, I was able to see a rattlesnake strike at a squirrel from 60 yards.  My friend located it (I’m not that brave when it comes to snakes) and dispatched it.  It had found a nice hiding place under his daughter’s sliding board under her play-set.  So I guess you could say my new vision potentially saved his daughter (and my daughter for that matter) a lot of pain and suffering (and possibly their lives) should either of them have been bitten while playing over there.

I never knew what I had been missing from wearing glasses all those years.  I told my wife I can now focus on a pinhead at 100 yards.  A bit of a stretch, no doubt.  But that all depends on your definition of a pinhead.

Thanks again for the exceptional care you guys provided!  I couldn’t be happier.  I have recommended you guys to just about everyone I talked to this week.”


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