this is a bit of an unusual week due to the upcoming holiday schedule, and we are very busy with lots of LASIK surgeries and consultations for next year. Many people use FLEX spending benefits from their companies and have to use the benefit before the end of year. Others have just signed up for FLEX in 2011 and want the surgery in the first month of the new year! This makes for some busy months through the winter… Tomorrow, a full day of LASIK in Tysons Corner, with all-laser INTRALASE and Custom Visx procedures (also known as I-lasik) predominately. We also have several Allegretto Wavelight LASIK patients tomorrow as well as a few PRK patients, usually also performed on the ALLEGRETTO wavelight.

Tuesday, Maria (great technician!) and I head down to Charlottesville for a full day of LASIK in Charlottesville. We use all laser I-LASIK in Charlottesville and all Custom treatments. We are the ONLY center in Charlottesville that has the INTRALASE laser system. Other surgeons still use bladed procedures. I havent used a blade in over 7 years now!! I have trouble believing that patients cant understand the differences between a bladed cut and an all-laser procedure. The laser is SOOOO much safer for your eyes and long term structural stability. it is a no brainer. Anyway, I am excited about Charlottesville since it is a new center for me and i am looking forward to growing the business there. We will be hosting the doctors from the University of Virginia Dept of Opthalmology tuesday and they will be observing me operate. The residents will be visiting and learning a lot of useful information. It is satisfying to teach younger doctors the correct way to do refractive surgery!

Wednesday i do consults and evaluations in Tysons Corner, Thursday the same thing. We usually operate all day on Thursday and Friday, but not this week! We are all off on Friday, so we cannot do cases on Thursday (we wouldnt be able to see the post op visits needed the day after surgery)… Friday is Christmas eve and we are looking forward to a break!

Merry Christmas everybody!! best wishes for a happy new year filled with health and happiness (and maybe LASIK???)