DR Andrew Holzman, a Board Certified Corneal Specialist specializing in Refractive Eye Surgery is TLC Medical Director in Northern Virginia and Charlottesville, Va. Dr Holzman has done over 55,000 vision correction procedures and continues to be the choice of literally hundreds of metro DC, Virginia, Maryland and Charlottesville eye doctors when it comes to referring their LASIK and PRK patients. TLC and Dr Holzman performed one of many evening hours consultations at a local Optometry office last nite, that of Dr Michael Khalil, of both Centreville and Reston, Virginia. Dr Khalil has been in the community for over 2 decades and has trusted Dr Holzman with HIS OWN eyes as he had LASIK performed 7 years ago. Dr Khalil has also sent over 10 of his family members and hundreds of his patients to Dr Holzman and TLC over the years, as he is consistently impressed with the care and outcomes of both the PRK and LASIK patients he refers. INTRALASE, CustomVUe and Wavelight Allegretto treatments are standard of care for DR Holzman and TLC laser eye centers. khalil_and_holzman

DR Holzman (left) and Dr Khalil at the consultation evening.