TLC Tyson’s Patient Testimonial

Rachel Neely Cramer

I had been wearing contacts for 20 years, and had never really thought

of them as a nuisance. Had my contacts not started causing me pain

about a year ago, I might never had opted for LASIK. But now, I’m

wishing that I had made this decision years ago!

I had my surgery one week ago today at the TLC Tyson’s Corner in

McLean, VA. Throughout both my pre-op appointments, the entire staff

was prompt, courteous, and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I

especially enjoyed working with Dr. Weigel. She made me feel very

assured in my upcoming procedure. On the day of my surgery, the staff

did a great job of making me feel relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Holzman

performed my procedure, and he walked me through the process as it was

happening. My expectations were managed exceptionally well.

Everything from what the procedure would feel like to my level of

discomfort afterwards to how quickly I would see vision improvement.

I had a complex eye health history at best, including a prolonged bout

of iritis and astigmatism in one eye. The level of

discomfort I felt after LASIK was barely even noticeable compared to the

discomfort my contacts had been causing me. Plus, at my one day post-op

appointment, I was already seeing 20/15 — better than I was seeing with

my contacts or glasses before! I had my one week post-op appointment

this morning, and aside from dry eyes, which is common with this

procedure, the cornea flaps are healing beautifully.

I can’t thank Dr. Holzman, Dr. Weigel and the entire Tyson’s

TLC staff enough. I feel like I have a new lease on life now!