Dr Holzman
Sorry I haven’t followed up sooner, I’ve been enjoying that “best vision of my life” you told me you were giving me. I know everyone is very concerned about their eyes, but pilot’s are especially so. I had wanted to do the surgery for quite some time but there was always that fear something might go wrong and my career would be over. After a lot of research, I felt very comfortable choosing you and TLC to do the procedure. I can tell you I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

For more than 40 years my FAA medical certificate has had a limitation requiring me to wear corrective lenses for distance. I took my six month physical one week after surgery and everything checked 20/20, no limitations. My old soft contact lenses corrected my distance vision but really hurt my near vision, I couldn’t go anywhere without reading glasses. Post surgery my near vision is so much better I passed that FAA test too.



To make it easier to do the eye drop schedule I skipped one trip right after surgery, but have been flying since and my vision is so much better than it was with contacts.

I had always heard people say the surgery was life changing and I can attest it is amazing. That smile in our post op picture has not come off my face. I guess the only down side I’ve encountered is I no longer hit my golf ball out of sight. But then again, neither do the guys I’m playing against!

I’ve been telling everyone how happy I am with the surgery you performed and TLC. I’ll get something up on Facebook.

All the best to you and the staff at TLC and thanks again,

T. Watson