I have been in the LASIK industry for the last 13 years, and now, currently work as a technician in TLC Tysons Corner. I have worked with many other LASIK surgeons and centers in the past, and I am always asked how to find out who is the best LASIK surgeon or best center. Well, I am honest in saying that the outcomes and happiness of Dr Holzman’s patients are the best I have ever come across. LASIK is a very precise and accurate procedure, but still there can be a need for an enhancement procedure . This is a fine tuning procedure that is very simple and takes only a few minutes to do. Most surgeons have to do enhancements on 5 – 15 percent of patients, based on national statistics. Dr. Holzman has one of the lowest enhancement rates in the country! Less than 1% of his patients need this enhancement procedure, AND he takes on some of the toughest cases because he is a Corneal specialist. This is very impressive and his patients are usually VERY HAPPY!! The staff is so friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Dr. Holzman uses the best laser technology, and it is ALL LASER LASIK. Intralase for making the flap is done on everyone and he doesn’t offer lesser technologies. The VISX and ALLEGRETTO are both in the center and it helps that he has his choice on which of these to use. Most centers only have one of these lasers and so some patients may not have optimal treatments. So, look at enhancement rates and also look for Corneal specialists. Find a center where staff is happy and friendly, and they make you feel comfortable. Once you look around, i am sure you will find Dr. Holzman at TLC Tysons to be the best choice.