Hi Dr. Holzman,

Thank you for the follow up on my LASIK procedure.  My eyes feel great & there hasn’t been any discomfort at all.  I had my 1 week follow up appointment a couple days ago & they said everything is looking perfect.  I have 20/20 vision in each individual eye, & together I’m seeing better than 20/20.

I LOVE waking up in the morning & being able to see.  I can’t even tell you how happy I am that I don’t have to mess with all the hassle of glasses/contacts.  I’ve been bragging about you & your work to everyone that asks me.  If they’re even thinking about LASIK, I’m telling them to go to you & get it done.  This was, hands down, the best purchase/decision of my life!

I’m working on a letter.  I’ll have it done & in the mail within the next few days; along with some D.C. United memorabilia to show my thanks.  I will write reviews as well.

If you ever have time & would like to come to one of our D.C. United home games, just let me know.

Thanks again,

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