One month post LASIK and wondering if there is room for improvement or an I headed towards an enhancement?

I am a 28 year old woman and my vision was -2.00 in both eyes prior to having LASIK.  I had the Custom Wavefront LASIK about a month ago.  My right eye is 20/15 and very sharp!  However, my left eye is taking longer to heal and is blurry and not sharp like my right eye.  At my last appointment, my left eye was 20/30.  At one month out, shouldn’t my left eye be sharp and crisp by now?

It is quite common for patients to compare one eye with the other after  their LASIK or PRK procedure.  You should be aware that there are usually differences between your eyes as they are healing initially.  One eye may be clearer than the other at times.  One eye may be drier than the other at times.  As you go in for your post operative appointments, ask your doctor if everything is healing as it should be and if anything can be done to improve the vision in your weaker eye.

Not everyone gets perfect vision after LASIK surgery. Overall, about 5% of people who have a refractive surgery procedure need some sort of fine-tuning or enhancement.  Dr. Holzman’s enhancement rate is about 1%.  If an enhancement is needed, it is usually done at about 3 months after your initial procedure.  In general, having an enhancement is an easier and safer procedure than the first one because the majority of risk in LASIK is in the making of the corneal flap. During an enhancement procedure, the original flap is lifted and additional treatment is added, and the flap is placed back into position.  Healing afterwards is the same as with the initial procedure.  Just remember it takes a little time for your vision to stabilize after your procedure.  Do not be in a rush to have an enhancement performed.  It is wise to let your doctor guide you and do not be afraid to have your concerns addressed.

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