Derick in the Zen Room prior to Laser Surgery (Derick is bald so the hair net was an extra special treat!). What a great group of people Dr. Holzman has at his office. Derick was scared to death to get Lasik eye surgery and Dr. Holzman and his staff were superb! We cannot stop saying enough good things about the surgery and staff. Derick has always warn some type of vision aid (glasses and/or contacts) since he was six years old. This was an enormous move for him to undergo this type of surgery. However after meeting Dr. Holzman and his staff there was no question in his mind, this was not only the perfect surgery for him, but also the perfect set of both well caring staff and doctors. They were extra careful with Derick to make sure that he was comfortable throughout the entire surgery, which only took a total of 20 minutes to complete. He even got prescribed a three hour nap with a beer! What a great way to start your weekend… being able to see again after 20 years, a beer and a three hour nap! Thanks again, to Dr. Holzman and his staff!

Congrats Derick!  Enjoy your gift certificate.  Thank you for posting so other patients can take the next step towards laser vision correction.