TLC Tyson’s Corner Virginia Patient Testimonial

Dr. Holzman,

Thank you for the excellent care and personalized experience (surgery, evening phone call, and follow up e-mail on a Sunday).  Your staff optometrists (Dr. Weigel and Dr. Vu-Gia) are doing an excellent job with the post-operative care and your secretary Natasha is very efficient and courteous.

My vision is improving steadily –  I am being patient as  you suggested. I am back to work tomorrow (desk job for now).  As a bonus, Dr. Weigel offered to take care of the paperwork required by the Coast Guard with respect to the outcome of the surgery.  As soon as Dr. Weigel feels that my vision is stable enough, I will meet with and be screened by the Coast Guard MD in order to be back to full duty piloting Coast Guard Boats and conducting Law Enforcement Boardings on the Potomac River with a pair of Nonprescription Oakleys!

I will be leaving you and TLC an excellent review on google as result of the wonderful experience. I will recommend you to my family, friends, and co-workers.  I am glad that I chose you and TLC for the surgery. Your reputation, credentials, and ratings are truly unparalleled!

Thank you (and TLC) for the generous 15% Military Discount!



Thank you for sharing you testimonial with others.   It really helps patients make an informed decision on how to proceed with their refractive surgery procedure if they can hear others experience with Dr. Holzman and our TLC team.  We truly believe in our practice.  LASIK and PRK are life changing procedures in the hands of an experienced surgeon and his support team.  We want you to achieve your best corrected vision and work diligently to make sure we do everything possible to help you achieve that goal!  Congrats on your new vision and thank you for your military service!

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