USA Today article on olympic athlete Bode Miller & LASIK

With the Winter Olympics coming to a close, the last few weeks have been full of interviews of the athletes and have seemed to dominate the  conversation amongst the media.  We have had Bob Costas and his now infamous case of pink eye.  Figure skating, Curling, Hockey, Bobsledding, crazy insane fetes for all sporting events involved.  Olympic fever was certainly contagious.  You could not help but have it when you heard the opening music!  I was reading about some of the highlights and found this article on Bode Miller, a five-time Olympic medalist.  Miller finished eighth in the alpine skiing race that he had hoped would signal his return.  Miller is a 36 year old who is no stranger to placing in the Olympics and had hoped to achieve bringing home another Olympic medal.  I found it interesting that he spoke of his regret of not having time before the Olympics to have laser vision correction.  In the USA TODAY article it states:

“Bode Miller admits mistakes, regrets not getting Lasik eye surgery.  He revealed that, in hindsight, he would have changed to a less edgy pair of skis for the race, would perhaps have tried to ski a little less aggressively and would have undergone Lasik eye surgery before the Games as he had originally planned.” (source USA TODAY)

We see many athletic people who have busy schedules.  The effort of putting aside the time to be out of your contact lenses is difficult.  But it is so worth the time.  In short, you are dealing with 2-3 weeks of inconvenience for a lifetime of better vision.  No doubt it is an inconvenience, and for Bode Miller his training had to come first, but it was interesting to hear his perspective on having LASIK and his sport.  Hindsight can truly be 20/20!

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