What is the difference between having LASIK or PRK?

PRK is different from LASIK in that the epithelium, or outer layer of the cornea, is removed entirely during a PRK procedure, and the laser is applied to the surface of the cornea rather than to the inner tissue.

It will typically take longer to fully recover and achieve optimal results following PRK.  The PRK procedure remains the vision correction method of choice for patients with certain corneal conditions or corneal scars that prevent them from being a suitable candidate for LASIK.

Dr. Holzman focuses on providing the highest quality and most advanced care for his patients.  We have invested in the safest and most precise equipment in order to maximize the results of your LASIK or PRK procedure. Dr. Holzman and his staff at TLC Laser Eye Centers carefully perform preoperative diagnostic testing to determine which LASIK or PRK technique is best suited for your individual vision correction needs. Our completely customized treatment plans ensure that you obtain the best possible visual outcome.

LASIK surgery is an extremely popular vision correction procedure that most people have heard about and researched for themselves. Patients are interested in LASIK because of the faster healing time, but PRK delivers the exact same visual outcome as LASIK, so do not be discouraged if you are only a candidate for the PRK procedure.  You are not having a lesser procedure.  Dr. Holzman uses the best technology available to you if you have PRK or LASIK.  The visual outcome will be the same, and we will only do what is safest for you!

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