What is the WaveScan?

The WaveScan is an aberrometer, which is a mapping that we use that measures the optical aberrations.   An aberration is a characteristic that deviates from the normal type.  With optics an aberration is the failure of rays of light to converge at one focus because of the aberration or defect of the patient’s eye.  TheWaveScan technology is a highly advanced method that we use to collect important information about your eye. We also use this Wavescan technology to help guide your procedure plan for your laser vision correction.

The Wavescan technology was originally developed and used in high-powered telescopes to reduce distortions when viewing distant objects in space.  This technology has since been adapted and used to aid in performing laser eye surgery procedures.  It is highly successful, and offers precise results post LASIK or PRK.  In an easy to understand patient friendly explanation, the WaveScan works by accurately capturing imperfections in the eye and aids in your surgeon designing a personalized visual plan to give you your best corrected visual outcome. Studies have  shown that WaveScan assisted surgical results can be up to 25 times more effective than standard laser eye surgery results. By using the WaveScan technology, your laser eye surgery can be completely individualized to best suit your personal vision needs.

Dr. Holzman uses the Wavescan technology on his patients in all four of his TLC locations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  When you come in for your complimentary refractive surgery consultation and your dilated eye exam you can plan on seeing the Wavecsan technology in action!

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