Who can watch my Laser vision correction procedure?

The quick and short answer is anyone whom you desire to watch it… can.  The long answer is not everyone should watch your laser vision correction procedure.  The LASIK and PRK procedures are simple surgical procedures and they are very cool to watch but if the person viewing your procedure is considering having the procedure themselves, it is not always a wise choice to watch someone else have it done first.  Watching the procedure can be a little too up close and personal for those who are thinking about having it done to their own eyes.  We suggest having someone video your procedure while you are having it done…ah the power of the smart phone or watch a procedure after you have completed your own.

Another pearl of wisdom from Dr. Holzman is that if you are a parent considering watching your adult child have the procedure done – be brave and keep a strong face.  When you are nervous, often times your energy feeds your adult child’s nervousness!  It is completely normal for you and the patient to be nervous.  This is a procedure that changes eye sight, however, the calmer and more cooperative the patient is in the surgical suite, the easier the surgery is for them and for us.  If a patient is unable to calm themselves and really listen to Dr. Holzman’s instructions and guidance during the procedure, it makes the surgery more complicated for everyone.  We want you to achieve your best corrected vision.  LASIK and PRK are amazing procedures-most patients will tell you that it is nothing short of a miracle to have restored vision, but remember you are an active participant in the procedure.  While it is an exciting procedure to have and to watch – remember as the person viewing the procedure, it is your job to be a calming presence for the patient who is your friend, spouse, child, etc.  You can watch but you do not have to!  We would like for the viewer to be a source of calm and courage for the patient.

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