National Morning Show Reports on 1st Vision Procedure for Baby Boomers Tired of Reading Glasses

NBC medical correspondent Robert Bazell aired a report Friday on the "Today Show" about the non-laser CK vision treatment and its investigational use in treating "aging eyes" (presbyopia), a condition which affects ALL Americans sometime after age 40.

One of the first physicians in the nation performing CK is Dr. Andrew Holzman from Millennium Laser Eye Centers.

  • Dr. Holzman comments: "This is exciting technology, which has given the Baby Boomers an option they have been waiting years for-improved near-vision functionality without the dependency on reading glasses."
  • Dr. Holzman can also discuss how CK differs from LASIK and other available vision correction procedures. With CK, there is no cutting and no removal of tissue, thanks to the use of radio waves instead of a laser or scalpel.

Why is this news?

  • In just 18 months, CK has become the fastest-growing refractive procedure since LASIK (source: ophthalmic research firm, Market Scope).
  • CK is the ONLY vision correction procedure designed specifically for Baby Boomers who want to get rid of their reading glasses.
  • CK has one of the highest safety profiles in vision correction, and was featured recently on ABC's "Extreme Makeover" as "the safest vision procedure ever invented."

Baby Boomer Vision Facts:

There are more than 90 million Americans over age 40 who feel their arms aren't long enough to read the newspaper anymore. Due to the natural aging process, these people find it increasingly difficult to read menus, labels, price tags, see the alarm clock or computer screen clearly, or even read traffic signs while driving at night. Because they didn't require glasses until later in life, they often consider those "granny glasses" a hassle and an unwelcome sign of aging.