I’m often asked, “Why does LASIK cost so much?”   The simple answer is that there’s a lot involved in doing it right.

Laser vs blade?, Custom vs traditional?


The practiced experience of our surgical team at the TLC center in Rockville Maryland, led by our medical director, Andy Holzman, M.D. has made the experience for our patients so quick and easy that it gives the perception that laser eye surgery is simple.  The reality is that this is not a cookie cutter procedure.  The technology needed  and each person’s individual situation varies considerably.


The process begins with an initial free consultation with our doctor to determine if you are even a candidate.  Many variables are considered including prescription, detailed corneal mapping, medical history, and stability of your vision.  Often, your own optometrist’s  knowledge of your history will be utilized.  Next, we will decide which procedure is best, whether it’s  LASIK, PRK, custom or bladeless. At this point we take the time to answer all of your questions and make sure that you are comfortable with the decision.


From there we proceed to choosing the right technology.  As stated before, every procedure is different.  A laser center shouldn’t rely on one laser to treat all of their patients.  Nor should they rely on older, cheaper blade technology.  At the Rockville center, we have both the Visx Star S4 Customvue and the Allegretto Wavelight lasers to reshape the cornea as well as Intralase technology to create a perfect corneal flap.


This process doesn’t end when the procedure is completed, or even when your 12 months of post op care is behind you..    At TLC Rockville we stand behind our work with our TLC Lifetime Commitment.  This commitment comes at no extra charge and isn’t tied to one center or one surgeon. It will move with you if your situation relocates you across the country.

So remember, when you see those ads for $299 per eye for LASIK, the questions to ask are, “What corners are being cut?”, and “Do I want to cut corners with my vision?” At TLC Laser Eye Centers in Rockvlille we are proud to offer all of the above and to serve the greater Washington and Baltimore areas.

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