Laser vision correction, (PRK, LASIK, LASEK), has the potential to return your vision to 20/20 without glasses or contact lenses.  Before your procedure you did your research, you asked your friends, and you chose TLC  because it was the center with the best doctors, the best available technology, and the best reputation in the Washington, DC area.

Now you’ve had your procedure, you are free of visual crutches and enjoying life as it should be.  But are you done taking care of your eyes?  Should you only worry about your vision if you can’t read the scores as they scroll across the bottom of your TV?   A recent poll showed that 27% of adults feel that the answer is “Yes.”  But the truth is a resounding “No!”

Why Do We Stress Continued Care?

So why should we pay attention to our perfect 20/20 eyes? While LASIK is liberating, it can’t protect you from some other common vision problems. Many eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopthy don’t have any symptoms until it is too late.  Our vision may not get blurry until these diseases are very advanced, and all too often, what could have been a treatable problem can result in permanent vision loss.

At TLC, we stress the importance of continued routine eye care.  That is why part of maintaining our Lifetime Commitment is having an annual eye exam with a TLC affiliated doctor.  Having a nationwide network of doctors assures convenience and easy access to a qualified professional.  In Maryland, this network stretches from Rockville to Frederick, from Columbia to Annapolis, and beyond.

So now that having LASIK has given you the chance to find your beach towel after a swim in the ocean, remember, there’s more to taking care of your eyes than remembering to close them when sand is kicked your way.  See your TLC Affiliated eye doctor and continue to enjoy a lifetime of great vision.

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