Dr. Andrew E. Holzman always strives to give the people of Washington, DC the safest and most effective LASIK surgery possible. That means a focus on state-of-the-art laser systems and technology. Advanced LASIK technology isn’t meant as a means of bragging or boasting about our equipment, but rather a means of ensuring the safety and comfort of our patients.

This is why our practice is proud to use the Femtosecond laser method of performing LASIK. This process is also known as Femto LASIK, and requires no blades to perform the surgery. Let’s consider the numerous benefits of all-laser Femto LASIK.

What Is All-Laser Femto LASIK?

All-laser Femto LASIK refers to a state-of-the-art way of performing LASIK surgery. Rather than using a surgical tool to create a corneal flap, a laser can create this flap without any physical contact with the eye. Countless LASIK surgeons are now performing this bladeless form of LASIK because of the many advantages for patient health and wellness.

Bladeless LASIK vs. Traditional LASIK of the Past

In the past, a microkeratome was used to create the flap on the cornea. While safe and effective, the use of any manually operated surgical instrument does leave open the potential for human error.

With bladeless LASIK, the risk of human error is greatly minimized. The computer-guided laser can make an extremely precise flap in the corneal surface without physical contact made with the eye.

Greater Safety with Femto LASIK

Since bladeless LASIK uses no physical instruments and is completely guided by computer, this means a much lower risk of infection during the surgery. This lower infection risk combined with the reduced chance of human error means that an already safe LASIK procedure is made even safer.
These kinds of technological benefits to patients are why we have put so much emphasis on the use of Femto LASIK at our Washington, DC centers.

Femto LASIK Creates a Thinner Cornea Flap

By creating a thinner corneal flap during LASIK, more of a patient’s healthy corneal tissue remains intact and untouched. That’s better for long-term results. In fact, thinner corneal flaps can potentially allow a LASIK surgeon to correct higher, more severe refractive errors.

Femto LASIK Creates an Even Corneal Flap

Thanks to Femto LASIK, the shape and thickness of the corneal flap is uniform. Keeping the corneal flap accurate reduces the risk of flap complications as patients heal from surgery.

Less Pressure Placed on the Eye with Femto LASIK

Placing pressure on the eye while creating the flap could cause eye injuries or simply issues with the flap and corneal surface. With Femto LASIK, there is less pressure placed on the eye and hence there is no worry about these issues.

Potentially Improved Healing Time with Femto LASIK

Some patients who’ve undergone Femto LASIK have experienced faster healing times and better overall post-op recovery. This just goes to show that the benefits of LASIK technology extend beyond the procedure. Femto LASIK can make a difference in the short term and the long run.

Learn More About LASIK Technology

For more information about the latest in laser eye surgery, be sure to contact a skilled LASIK surgeon. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Holzman in the Washington, DC area by calling (703) 552-5221.

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