What Are the Advantages of having LASIK Eye Surgery?

Why is LASIK such a popular elective procedure?  LASIK is considered one of the best improvements in elective surgical procedures thanks to the technological advancement of lasers in the medical field. LASIK stands for Laser assisted in situ Keratomileusis.  Why are people electing to have the LASIK procedure over wearing glasses or contact lenses to correct their refractive error?  The short answer is because it works!  LASIK corrects your vision.  96% of LASIK patients achieve their desired corrected vision after their LASIK procedure. Patients who are in the remaining 4% are usually eligible for a LASIK enhancement which further increases this rate of satisfaction number.  LASIK is a procedure that has little to no pain due to the topical numbing drops that are used. A patients vision is corrected nearly immediately or has settled by the one day post operative visit after your LASIK procedure.  After having the LASIK procedure, most patients have no need for eyeglasses or contact lens dependence and the patients that due still require some form of a prescription are wearing them for reading only unless they had a mono vision procedure where their non dominant eye is slightly under corrected for the work that they will do at near such as reading a menu.  LASIK requires no stitches or bandages and the post operative down time is basically a three hour nap to get the patient through the initial discomfort and two weeks of no swimming.   Another pro to having the LASIK procedure is that if needed, any enhancements or visual adjustments can be made years after your initial LASIK procedure to further correct your vision if the vision changes while you age.  After having LASIK, most patients have a dramatic realization that they wish they would have done the LASIK procedure years before!  It is a life changer not to be dependent on glasses or contact lenses for sight!

When considering if LASIK eye surgery is best for you,  you will meet with an eye doctor who will discuss what you can expect during and after the procedure. Your medical history will be evaluated and your eyes will be fully examined.  The initial tests include measuring corneal thickness, refraction, corneal mapping, air pressure, and pupil dilation. Once you have completed the initial evaluation we will answer any questions that you may have. Afterwards, you can schedule an appointment for the procedure.

If you are wearing rigid gas permeable contact lenses, you should not wear them for at least three weeks before your LASIK evaluation. Other types of contact lenses should not be worn for 2 weeks prior to the evaluation. Be sure to bring your eyeglasses to the center so that your prescription that you are currently wearing can be reviewed.

LASIK is well worth every penny spent.  You have a lifetime of amazing things to see…why not wake up without the hassle of putting in contacts or reading for glasses in order to view your world more clearly.  Call our TLC Rockville location at 301-881-2021 or our Tyson’s Corner location at 703-936-6935 or our Charlottesville Virginia number at 434-817-5280 to see if you are a good candidate for LASIK.

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