The Value of Comprehensive Eye Care


It is essential that your optometrist and surgeon can work together to ensure that you are receiving the best treatment. Dr. LaMia Jones frequently works with Dr. Andrew E. Holzman to ensure that her patients are provided with high-quality comprehensive eye care. Dr. Jones is proud to work with Dr. Holzman and refer patients to him.

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My name is LaMia Jones, and I'm an optometrist. I've been an optometrist for 16 years. There's nothing like bringing sight. There is a joy. There's excitement that you can feel, that you can see, that you can hear when you are able to allow and help someone to see. TLC, I believe, was founded on the belief that optometry is key in the world of refractive surgery. And so, from day one, optometry has always been included in patient care and patient selection and patient management. Dr. Holzman and I have worked together for many, many years. I have grown to really respect him. He is, I believe he is a pioneer in the world of refractive surgery. He's also a proponent of optometry, which is also very, very important to me. Patients always let me know that Dr. Holzman was very, very patient. He had a great bedside manner. He's very calming, and it was over before they knew it. TLC has always had a huge, huge commitment and steadfast commitment to optometry. Not only do they offer continuing education credits, where they bring you into the center and give you education about the latest and greatest technologies, they're also always willing and having an open door for me to give a call if I have any questions about post-operative care as well. So I always feel like I'm in very, very good hands when I refer my patients to TLC and Dr. Holzman. When I do an eye exam, I'm looking to make sure the patient has the proper prescription. The amount of prescription I'm looking for needs to be stable, needs to be within the parameters that I know the medical director is looking for. Once they set up their consult, they will meet with the clinical director of the center. They'll have some screening tests done. They're going to check your corneal thickness. They'll check your pupils. They'll check your ocular health. They'll do some scans, as well, to make sure you are a good candidate through and through. A lot of optometrists are very, very concerned about sending their patients to have a laser procedure, and TLC does a wonderful, wonderful job of maintaining that relationship between a patient and the optometrist. And I think it's really important for the optometrist to be involved with the patient's surgery. Not only does it make them feel comfortable, but it also allows us to make sure the patient is healing well. You know, I always say to my patients, we only have one set of eyes, so we have to take very, very good care of them. These are also my patients, as well, so I want to make sure when they get back into my chair that they're going to be very, very happy, and very pleased with their procedure. Knowing that I can send my patients to TLC and Dr. Holzman, where they have the advanced technology, highest level of service and quality of care, makes me feel very, very comforted.

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Dr. Holzman is the best - very honest, very professional yet very friendly and personable. Ben E.

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